Friday, September 28, 2007

Presented at DIGRA 2007 conference (University of Tokyo)

I wrote a paper called "Designing Games to Effect Social Change" for the DIGRA 2007 conference. DIGRA stands for Digital Games Research Association. At the conference I talked about The Redistricting Game on a panel with Ellen Scott from the Games for Change organization, Rafael Fajardo from University of Denver, and Doug Thomas from USC.

The audience was interested and asked good questions. This was a bit surprising considering how diverse they were - many of them were academic game researchers who do not study persuasive games and many of them were European and thus do not have much concern about U.S. redistricting policy.

I saw this post from one of the attendees, Cindy Poremba. She says some interesting things about my talk.

Aside from my presentations it was fantastic to spend a week in Tokyo with a bunch of game researchers and designers.