Monday, April 11, 2011

New Article about the game

Good stuff.

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Neighborhood Watch said...

Retired engineer from Boeing. I believe Gerry Mandering is a defect in our democracy. ReDistrict game has most of the tools to fix it. I am from the St. Louis Missouri area. Our state uses county/city boundaries as the building blocks for our map. I believe using the county and large city populations is the simplest way to represent a district.

I would like you to offer a game for each of the 50 states. A solution could be sent to the states' governor. The governor could choose the best one or put the top three up for a state wide vote. This would let the people pick the boundaries that are most compact.

A game player could esentially do the same selecting as your game. If county populations are used, a pixel inside the county would indicate the selected distict's border.