Sunday, June 10, 2007

Game Launches!

We all put in a superhuman effort these past few weeks to squeeze out remaining bugs in the game and website and officially launch on Sunday June 13. Duane, Chris, and Andrew at Red Hot Learning in particular did crack work as usual. RHL is world class. We put out media alerts last week announcing that we will be at Games for Change festival and at the Capitol Building. The idea was to get lots of press to show up at these two events and then write stories to coincide with the official launch. However lots of outlets just ran the media alert like a press release. This meant that articles were appearing before the official launch and traffic on the site started spiking - even though the game wasn't live (ugh). I called Duane in a panic and told him to "launch the site!". He smartly deflected that nonsense and suggested that we point visitors to our (previously private) Beta version of the game until the real site was ready.

It's exciting to see press come in in any case. I was interested to see that lots of local television stations were covering the launch during their broadcasts - places like Arkansas, Alabama, etc.

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