Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Presented at the Games for Change Festival

I flew to NY yesterday to present the game at the Games for Change festival. We are excited to be here. Five people from the team made the trip, me, Duane Dunfield, Peggy Weil, Jeremy Bernstein, and Doug Thomas. We demo'd for the press during a press event Monday night. Bob Kerrey, president of New School University (which was the venue) gave a hilarious speech about the power of games and the internet.

Here is the banner that we used during the press event:

Here is a picture of me on a panel at the festival with Tracy Fullerton and Ian Bogost. The title of the panel was "A Moment of Crisis! Case Studies from the Trenches ".

The idea was to talk about design crises that happen during game productions and give case studies of how you solved them. I haven't seen a panel like this before and thought it was an astute concept because every game goes through design crises. It is good to acknowledge that fact and share info with fellow designers. I like to share this fact with my students so they don't feel like failures when it happens to them. I had a good time putting together the slides for this talk (full slides here).

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