Friday, June 15, 2007

Press coming in strong...

Press is coming in strong now that the game is officially launched. Also we are getting tremendous traffic on the site. My email inbox is filling up with people wanting to talk about the game. Woo hoo!

Over 100 articles have appeared about the game. Some of the good ones include: NY Times Online, NPR, Wired Online, USA Today Online, National Journal, Roll Call, Chronicle of Higher Education, Toronto Globe and Mail, and PC World.

Matt Peckham from PC World was particlularly glowing. He said:
“What a fascinating experiment, and what an inspired idea for a teaching tool that marries the accessibility of a casual game with sophisticated and politically relevant strategics. Imagine this sort of thing deployed in an American Government or Civics classroom. Between all the recent sound and fury over "killer games" and legislated ratings, it's refreshing to see the seeds of the medium's real potential as a vehicle for heightened cultural discourse quickening. Wherever you fall on the issue--and the game is careful not to take sides, or rather, to let you--I can't recommend The Redistricting Game highly enough.”

I pulled a bunch of good quotes from various sources and assembled here (see this link also in the right margin of this blog).

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